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Global Citizenship Curricula Project

Global Citizenship Curricula Project

In 2015-2016 Oneness World will be developing teaching curricula and classroom materials for lectures and courses on Global Citizenship for use and application in K-12 schools and universities throughout the world.

With a view to promoting Global Citizenship among participating students ...

Oneness World

Oneness World is dedicated to helping build a world without borders; a world of constantly evolving human consciousness grounded ever deeper in spirit; a world where governance and educational institutions – both global and local – are guided by worldcentric ideals based on the inherent oneness of our shared humanity. Oneness World strives to identify practical, peaceful and evolutionary ways to establish a post-nation-state world governed on the basis that all human beings living are equal citizens of planet Earth, rather than exclusively citizens of the individual nation-states of today. Oneness World is grounded in the view that we live in one universe, on one planet, are members of one human species, all dependent upon one ecosphere.


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