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About Oneness World / Who We Are

Who We Are

Oneness World is an integral global movement of Global Citizens who believe passionately that both people and planet will be better served by a new global politics grounded deeply in our shared humanity and the equal rights held by all who reside on planet Earth.


Oneness World is now building a global network of individuals, organisations, institutions and movements all dedicated to the view that the time for a global polity grounded in the oneness of the human race has arrived.


Through peaceful, non-violent, compassionate and evolutionary means, Oneness World strives to develop practical means for integrating our fragmented world into a truly whole, democratic and sustainable global social and economic system; one that secures the rights of all, ensures the survival of the planet and gently assists in facilitating the emergence of the next phase of our planet's political evolution. Join us!


Oneness World was founded in 2008 by its Executive Director, Scott Leckie. Oneness World is registered as a not-for-profit Association under Swiss Law.


Scott Leckie (BA, LLM) is the Founder and Director of Oneness World. He is an international human rights lawyer, academic, author, social entrepreneur, environmentalist and recognised as one of the world’s leading global housing, land and property (HLP) rights experts. 


He has lived and worked throughout the world, and lives as an evolutionary world citizen who knows our common humanity will one day form the basis of our political structures governing all of us by the same rules, based on the same dignity and embued with the same rights. He is the world’s most widely published author on HLP themes, having written more than 200 books, articles and substantive reports on these issues, and has taught at several of the world's leading law schools. Over his decades-long human rights career, he has carried out human rights work in 82 countries in all of the world’s continents - everywhere from Timor Leste to Tuvalu, Brazil to Bangladesh, Myanmar to the Maldives and beyond. You can contact Scott at

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