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About Oneness World / Getting involved

Getting involved.

Oneness World welcomes the active involvement of everyone who shares our vision of a better world which is politically organised on the basis of World Citizenship and our shared humanity.


Participation in the work of Oneness World can take many forms, including:


  • Participating in our online blog discussions about various practical oneness politics issues

  • Listening to and engaging with our new podcast Jointly Venturing 

  • Engaging people everywhere in dialogues about world citizenship, what it means to you and why you became a World Citizen

  • Volunteering at Oneness World and assisting us with our projects, events and processes

  • Promoting our Global Citizenship Curricula in K-12 schools and universities throughout the world

  • Telling others about Oneness World and our vision for a better world



Contact us to find out more!

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