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About Oneness World / Advisory

Public Speaking, Advice and Coaching

Oneness World Foundation is happy to provide keynote addresses, engaging public talks and lectures, and other inspirational and motivational appearances. We also offer a range of advisory and coaching services to assist in making our oneness world a reality for everyone:

  • Institutions - We can engage with schools, sports teams, youth groups, religious institutions and others to incorporate the oneness world vision into the daily work of institutions of all shapes and sizes. We can design educational courses and curricula for all age groups in any country. 

  • Companies - We can assist companies to identify better business plans which bring greater access for everyone to a socially responsible market accessible to all.

  • Individuals - We are happy to work directly with you to provide coaching, guidance and assistance on your own personal oneness path.

  • Governments - We can work with local, state and local governments to design practical plans for streamlining law and policy in creative ways with the vision of a Oneness World.

If you would like to know more, please contact us at

We look forward to hearing from you!

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