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Project 5: Building a Global HLP Registration System

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Recording Rights for Everyone

Project 5 will explore the feasibility of developing a global housing, land and property (HLP) registry as a centralised means for safely and securely storing and managing all HLP transactions, titles and rights in all countries choosing to participate in the Registry as a tool for promoting global security of tenure for everyone and preventing property-related crimes such as ethnic cleansing, land grabbing and others. The Registry would be maintained by an independent body, possibly the United Nations at the outset, and provide a secure source of HLP data that would act to prevent the arbitrary removal of HLP rights from people. It would also act as a deterrent for States contemplating any form of mass displacement or ethnic cleansing.

KEY OUTPUTS: PROJECT 5 WILL RESULT IN: A detailed report analysing all of the dynamics and pros and cons of developing a Global HLP Registry.

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