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Oneness Online – Links to Oneness Individuals and Institutions

Which movements are already engaging in Oneness politics? Which institutions are gradually travelling in the Oneness direction? Which legal domains are grounded in the spirit of Oneness?

In many remarkable ways the principles of a Oneness World are already being translated into concrete applications throughout the world, resulting in gradual yet profound changes to the way humanity lives.

Be it in science, the arts, philosophy, law, economics, medicine, and indeed, virtually every other field, a transformation is currently taking place towards interconnectedness and integration. And the sphere of politics is no exception.This section will provide a thorough appraisal of the numerous examples of Oneness-in-action in various sectors and domains, revealing the unity that lies behind the multitude. This evaluation will reveal the progress we have already made and are presently making towards a Oneness World and will provide inspiration for further collaboration between individuals and institutions.

Many people, institutions, companies and movements around the world are already inspired by the Oneness World vision, and are working in their own ways in a vast range of areas to make it an ever more tangible reality.

Below you will find links to the websites of a number of the individuals and institutions leading the way in promoting a world where we all belong, a unified and democratic Oneness World.

Alex Grey -

Alliance for a New Humanity -

Buddhist Peace Fellowship -

Centre for the Study of Global Governance -

Citizens for Global Solutions -

Evolver -

Gaia Community -

Integral Institute -

Integral Life -

Integral Revolution -

Integral World Government

Ken Wilber -

Long Now Foundation -

Paul Hawken -

State of the World Forum -

Sulak Sivaraksa -

Swami Agnivesh -

World Citizens Australia -

World Future Council -

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