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About Oneness World / Our Vision

Our Vision.

Oneness World is dedicated to helping build a world without borders; a world of constantly evolving human consciousness grounded ever deeper in Spirit; a world where governance and educational institutions – both global and local – are guided by world-centric ideals based on the inherent oneness of our shared humanity.


Oneness World strives to identify practical, peaceful and evolutionary ways to establish a post-nation-state world governed on the basis that all human beings living are equal citizens of planet Earth, rather than exclusively citizens of the individual nation-states of today.


Oneness World is grounded in the view that we live in one universe, on one planet, are members of one human species, all dependent upon one ecosphere. We believe that dividing the human family into false administrative abstractions called nation-states or countries (most of which have as their origin varying degrees of nationalism, populism and other 'isms' which themselves are based on division, separateness and the illusion of 'the other' or 'us vs. them') is a process that has had its time.


Oneness World believes that human society has advanced in extraordinary ways since the contours of the nation-state system were initially developed under the Treaty of Westfalia in 1648. And yet, despite so much progress, as humans we remain mired in a world of borders, mutual distrust, suspicion, material deprivation and all too often violence.


Oneness World acts at all levels to promote the view that people everywhere desire and deserve a better politics, better ways of securing global democracy and, above all, a planet of World Citizens, without borders, organised on the basis of the realities of the 21st Century and beyond. We all awoke today somewhere on the fragile surface of Planet Earth. We all need to start living and organising ourselves as members of a planetary culture on which each and every one of us is entirely dependent.


Oneness World invites everyone who shares this vision to participate in bringing our shared world ever closer to a world of oneness.

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