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Project 1: Making a Global Voting System Possible

Updated: May 26, 2023

The Technical and Other Mechanics of a Universal Voting System

With the notion of world citizenship eventually comes the notion of world citizens voting on matters of global importance. How would such a system of global voting work in practice?

Could voting be conducted via iPhones/Androids or the Internet, and if so, on which issues would votes occur and how frequently?

Could global voting lead to systems of participatory budgeting enabling world citizens an opportunity to decide on global budgetary allocations?

Oneness World will consult with a growing number of organisations and companies working to improve national voting systems, such as MiVote, to explore the precise dynamics of a global voting system.


Convene a major international conference on global voting dynamics; and Prepare a detailed report on the precise steps that would be required to conduct a global voting system.

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