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About Oneness World / What Do We Do?

What We Do

Oneness World is an organisation, a movement, an online haven for World Citizens and a clearinghouse of information and processes exploring the political evolution of our planet.

Oneness World strives to engage with everyone; from world leaders to civil servants of governments, members of organised religions, spiritual practitioners and steadfast atheists and the politically active to the politically passive, by presenting our vision that the time for a new global politics that transcends the limits and origins of nation-states is upon us.


Oneness World envisages a world that not only transcends current efforts to support nationalism and populism, but also a world that greatly exceeds the multinational, globalised world constructed after World War II, into a new phase of planetary culture grounded in direct global democracy, a global Parliament and a world of decreasing inequality, despair and conflict. 

Oneness World also supports concrete and creative projects that promote the inclusion of world-centric and integral perspectives into our one world's governance and educational institutions.

Oneness World supports initiatives that bring us ever closer to the objective of building new and improved political arrangements that are increasingly less based on the nation-state, but rather on the planet as a whole.

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