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Project 3: Evolving Global Governance

Updated: May 26, 2023

New Ideas, New Thinking, New Modelsand How to Get There

Since the publication of the monumental Our Global Neighbourhood by the Commission on Global Governance in 1995, only limited attention has been paid to how systems of global governance might be improved and expanded. With growing calls for increased nationalism and strengthened claims of national sovereignty, it is timelier than ever to develop models of global governance grounded in world citizenship and begin to advocate for these as a viable alternative to the populist wave now engulfing so many democracies.

The immense strides that took place with the creation of the League of Nations after World War I and the subsequent establishment of the United Nations in 1945 after the carnage of the Second World War cannot in any way be discounted for they were both giant leaps forward over what came before them. However, with all that has taken place since the founding the UN some 74 years ago, Oneness World believes it is time to begin more vigorously exploring what better systems might come next, obviously without a world war forcing any new system upon us.

Project 3 will also explore how a Constitution for the Planet might be formulated, what norms it would contain, who would draft it and who would be bound by it. The project will involve extensive research followed by a series of regional and national consultations around the world where inputs and advice from leading thinkers on these issues would be sought. A particular focus of Project 3 will be on how local communities everywhere can work to become advocates for world citizenship, and how these communities can best embody the principles of oneness.

There are hundreds of millions of people ready to contribute to such a vision of new systems of global governance and who consider themselves to already be world citizens, and who live out their lives accordingly. Therefore, it is important to consider questions like: What would a global Parliament look like? How many members of such a Parliament should there be? Could there really be a world government? Would a seven-person rotating Presidency system be the most efficient way to organise leadership questions? How would voting occur? Could the status of world citizen co-exist with national citizenship status much as national citizenship now co-exists with European citizenship status in European Union today?

All of these and more questions will be presented at ongoing virtual conferences over the course of a year, where everyone who wishes to can contribute their thoughts to what a new global constitutional framework might look like. These will be considered and incorporated into a draft document that will then be presented at a global conference on global governance. A book outlining the results of the conference will then be published and widely distributed.

KEY OUTPUTS: PROJECT 3 WILL: Convene and host a global conference of leading thinkers on global governance; Prepare a detailed book on the outcomes of this innovative gathering; Draft a Constitution for the Planet based on three years of activities across the globe and involving the inputs of thousands of people from all corners of the world; Facilitate community-level promotional work in support of the draft Constitution; and Organise a major international concert to promote the draft.

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