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Project 2: World Citizenship Educational Curriculum

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Teaching World Citizenship in Every Classroom Around the World

Although the idea of world citizenship and related themes have been postulated for literally thousands of years, by Socrates, Kant, Woodrow Wilson, Bob Marley and so many others, few if any educational institutions in the world today provide courses or programmes on these issues.

Oneness World believes that every school, university and every student from pre-school until post-graduate levels should have access to educational tools and course modules, as well as entire courses and degrees, on all aspects of the complex question of world citizenship.

In Project 2, Oneness World will design a broad cross-section of course materials and curricula for students across the world to build educational pathways towards world citizenship. We will aim to work with UNESCO, High Resolves, World Challenge and other international groups to increase global exposure to this new curriculum.

KEY OUTPUTS: PROJECT 2 WILL: Design multi-level curriculum in both module and course formats which will then be posted free-of-charge online for possible use in all schools that wish to utilise these curricula.

Design simple to complex lecture presentations, reading materials, multi-media materials, classroom exercises and other materials relevant to students ranging in age from 3 years-old to university-level students and beyond.

Establish a World Citizens Leadership Network which will, through camps, trainings, and programs, assist eligible students to become World Citizen Leaders / Prefects in their schools.

Establish a World Citizenship Social Media Platform For Young People -- a YouTube channel and podcast on the perspectives, practices and lifestyles of World Citizenship. It will include a combination of life-coaching, interviews with self-avowed world citizens across the globe and the sharing of innovative ideas.

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