Listen to Our Podcast - Jointly Venturing

In June 2018, our new audio podcast - Jointly Venturing - will be available here at Oneness World. Jointly Venturing will feature conversations between your hosts Scott Leckie and Michael Morehead outlining and analysing many of the key ideas behind Oneness World, how we got to where we are today, and most importantly, how to collectively evolve as one humanity towards a new vision of politics and governance based not on nation states or perceived difference, but on the simple and obvious truth that we all are one, living on one planet, dependent upon one ecosystem, tied eternally together on the thin line of soil and water covering our Earth.

We will welcome occasional guests for lively debates on the nitty-gritty, practical dynamics of ever-evolving Oneness Politics and will aim to address a range of highly topical - and sometimes controversial issues - such as:

What is Citizenship?

Is a One World Tax Possible?

Does Social Media Help or Harm our Quest?

Can Nationalism Co-exist with a Oneness World?

Who Can Be a Politician? - Term Limits are accepted, how about Wealth Limits?

What Would a Global Parliament Look Like?

Would You Like to Vote on Global Matters Through Your Phone?

The Future of Human Rights