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Towards One World-One Tax

With the concept of World Citizenship invariably come the notions of responsibility, equity and sustainability. Indeed, the rise of globalisation has seen significant issues arise in relation to each of these notions, in the form of human rights abuses, increasing social and financial inequality and worsening climate change, among other crises. With proper structure and safeguards, the adoption of a truly global taxation system would have the potential to promote responsibility, equity and sustainability greatly, and provide new opportunities to address various international crises.

The Towards One World-One Tax Project will examine the viability and prospects of a consolidated global taxation system and how such an arrangement could be implemented in practice. The project will explore issues such as:

* Why are tax havens still allowed to exist?

* Why are so many corporations legally allowed to avoid tax?

* What could be done to enhance humanity if all hidden assets were taxed?

* How could a One World-One Tax system work in practice?

* How could a One World-One tax system reduce inequality?

* What needs to be done now?

This project will engage leading economists, legal and political experts, government officials, civil society groups and other actors from around the world in a number of innovative projects, including international conferences and the publication of an edited volume on this topic.

It will explore recent proposals by French Economist Thomas Piketty for a global wealth tax, Oxfam's proposals to end tax havens, and other viable ways for reducing global inequities and building the financial base required to end human deprivation so that the next stage in our collective political evolution towards something far better than that which we enjoy today can emerge.

The Towards One World-One Tax Project will result in precise and actionable recommendations for creating a global taxation order which once and for all ends tax havens and creates a new model of taxation that builds the foundations of our Oneness World.

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