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World Citizenship Curricula Project

Oneness World is developing teaching curricula and classroom materials for lectures and courses on World Citizenship for use and application in K-12 schools and universities throughout the world.

These courses will explore fundamental issues, including:

* Since Kant proposed the idea of world citizenship hundreds of years ago, how close have we come to transforming this idea into reality?

* How can human rights laws assist in creating a legal status of world citizenship?

* How will national citizenship co-exist with world citizenship?

* Is European citizenship under the European Union a pre-cursor to world citizenship

* What role can technology play in facilitating world citizenship?

* Could we all be registered at birth as world citizens?

With a view to promoting a realistic, legally viable and practical World Citizenship among participating students and raising awareness about international affairs and issues, the World Citizenship curricula will include both theoretical content and practical activities.

If you would like your school to teach the World Citizenship Curricula, please contact for more information.

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