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Oneness World Visionaries Project

Throughout human history countless numbers of people, some well-known and others less so, have concluded that a Oneness World comprised of World Citizens is far more likely to yield sustainable global peace and prosperity than a planet organised along the lines of the nation-state. However, what has largely remained absent thus far is a comprehensive integration and application of the ideas of these visionaries.

This project explores the multitude of Oneness World visionaries from various fields (the arts, economics, philosophy, politics, psychology, the sciences and others) throughout the ages and examines how to apply their complex thinking to the realities of the 21st Century. Indeed, never has a Oneness World been so needed as it is now, nor - despite what may appear to be the case - has it ever been so possible.

The project will involve both interviews with present-day Oneness World visionaries as well as a publication analysing and applying the ideas of these and other visionaries.

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